Lead profiling for automotive websites

Autochart helps dealers understand the individual needs of their online shoppers by providing comprehensive activity profiles at key interaction points.

Enhanced Activity History

Autochart lead lifecyle

Upsell New Leads

Whenever a new lead arrives in your sales inbox today, you just have a name, contact details and maybe a vehicle to go on. Before following up with them, imagine being able to know how many times they've visited your site, when their first visit was, every vehicle they've viewed and what their price range and other search criteria were?

Autochart's enriched lead profiles give you the opportunity to prioritise hot leads and identify upsell opportunities based on the visitor's profile before following up.

Identify Returning Leads

Whereas traditional lead management systems focus on new enquiries, Autochart keeps you in touch with your returning leads, i.e. those most likely to convert to paying customers! Whenever a visitor who previously submitted an enquiry on your site subsequently returns, you will be sent a notification email. This allows you to reach out to the visitor while they're in "shopping mode", strongly increasing your chance of success.

Our stats show that for every 10 NEW leads that Autochart tracks on a typical dealer website, it identifies on average 8-12 RETURNING leads over the same period. This can provide your sales team with double the amount of active leads to work with.

Who is Autochart for?

Increase your appointment setting rate by arming your team with the full profile on every internet lead.
Give your dealer clients a unique edge on their competition by becoming an Autochart integration partner.
Website Managers
Use our API to maximise lead conversion by dynamically customising your website based on your visitor's personal profile.
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Key Features

  • Comprehensive activity tracking
  • Immediate returning lead alerts
  • Referral source attributions
  • Record lead notes
  • Complements existing CRM systems
  • Multi-location/franchise support
  • Easy-to-use web portal
  • Mobile & tablet optimised
  • Fully cloud-hosted
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Flexible monthly subscription plans
  • Leads API integration
  • Bank-grade security
  • Email support
  • Custom integration services
  • Integrates with major UK digital dealer agency websites

Our Customers


“We’ve worked with Autochart for a number of years now, as we immediately saw the value of the product for our more digitally-enabled clients. Operating largely in the automotive marketplace, we know that our car buyers are part of a slow and research-heavy purchase funnel, and that the better the customer profile we could arm dealers with the higher conversions to sale were going to be. We are seeing increasing numbers of clients take the product, and are getting some really positive feedback across the board.”

What challenge were you facing that led you to become an Autochart customer?

“Understanding the customer journey so we could have a more tailored follow-up with the customer post enquiry.”

What hesitations or concerns, if any, did you have before making the decision to sign up for the product?

“None whatsoever.”

What results did you find as a result of using Autochart, and was it worth the investment you made?

“Improved service level and enabled us to target focus model sales.”

What specific feature or benefit did you like most about the product?

“Customer journey details.”

Would you recommend Autochart to others? If so, why?

“Yes, its a great product that gives you more info on your customer that leads to delivering a better service.”

Getting Started

We designed Autochart to make it as easy as possible for you to track the standard automotive shopper activities: search, vehicle views, finance calculations and of course webform enquiries. To integrate Autochart into your dealer website:

1. Install tracking code

We'll provide you with a snippet of code unique to your website. Copy & paste this into the head of each web page.

2. Send us your data

Add code to your web pages to track visitor actions. Check out our tech docs for more info on events you can track. If you'd prefer us to do all the code integration, we would be happy to oblige!

3. Watch the leads roll in!

Log in to the Autochart portal to see the lead data being sent in real-time to Autochart.

Ready to get to know your shoppers?