Our core mission at Autochart has always been to help dealer businesses get a better understanding of their leads, and by doing so, empowering them to convert more of them to paying customers. We want to help you to treat online shoppers as individuals with distinct needs rather than serving them with broad brush, often totally irrelevant, marketing messaging or sales patter.

Yesterday we launched a new Advanced Lead Search feature which allows you to perform detailed queries on all leads active on your website. In this article, we will look at a few ways you can use these to uncover actionable marketing opportunities.

Identify old “rewarmed” leads

Many dealer sales teams work from their inbox and respond to new web leads reactively. The more organised teams will have a system in place which sets a reminder to follow-up with a lead after so many days/weeks. This generic approach is far from optimal as it supposes firstly that the person is available to chat at this time, and also that their needs or wants haven’t changed in the interim. Autochart already provides returning lead email notifications that immediately alert you when a past lead returns to your website along with a profile of what they have been looking at most recently.

In addition to these notification emails, you can now use the Advanced Search form to identify leads whose Last Enquiry Date was over 1 month ago, say, but who have been active on your website during the past 2 weeks. This gives your sales team a list of rewarmed leads to work through which they may have previously written off as no-sales.

To perform this search, simply select your Last Active date range (defaults to the past week) enter a To date for the Last Enquired field. Sort by Most Visits to see who is the most active historically and thus are probably most likely to convert. Search by Last Enquired Date

Identify your most engaging traffic sources and campaigns

We do have Google Analytics installed on our website but I don’t really use it and to be honest, I find it a bit overwhelming.

This is a recent comment from a dealer marketing manager and existing Autochart customer. Whilst it is a very powerful tool, GA (by design) is somewhat of a Swiss Army Knife and can be difficult to find what you’re looking for. It is also limited to only providing you with anonymous aggregated data leaving you with no way to drill into the individual lead information for each traffic source type that Autochart surfaces.

With our new advanced lead search screen, you can now filter leads by what website domain referred them, what medium (e.g. CPC/Adwords, organic search, email) and what specific ad campaign they clicked on. You can then click through to the individuals from each of these sources to see how they proceeded through your site. This can help spot conversion patterns which you can replicate in your future campaigns.

Create targeted email marketing segments

Why do all your emails with offers assume that I would be buying a new car on finance?

Ouch! This certainly isn’t the response a marketer wants to receive from a potential customer. Thing is, this one woman just said explicitly what many other prospects do implicitly by simply deleting another generic dealer marketing email from their inbox or by unsubscribing from your list, leaving you unable to send any future offers which may be more relevant to them.

It doesn’t need to be like this though. Autochart tracks every significant action visitors take on your website. You can use our data to identify targeted segments based off:

  • what search criteria and budget range they specified
  • what vehicles they viewed
  • what subjects they previously enquired about
  • what ad campaign initially brought them to your site
  • … and many more data points

With this information to hand, you can now craft targeted campaigns for smaller segments of your subscribers and expect to see a much higher conversion rate. Simply go to our Advanced Search page, select an Active Date range (clear out both dates to search across all-time) and click the Export to CSV button. The CSV export file includes many fields which aren’t displayed in your browser results, so you can slice and dice the data in Excel as you please and import each segment into your CRM or Email Marketing System.

How to get started analysing your leads

Existing customers can login to the Autochart portal, click the View Latest Leads button on your dashboard and then click on the Advanced Search link to take you to the search form.

If you have any feedback on the new Autochart lead search feature or would like to discuss how we could help you increase the relevance of your marketing, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.