Convert More Online Shoppers to Showroom Customers

As an Internet Sales Manager, you're always looking for ways to get more web shoppers into your dealership. You know you can increase your appointment setting conversion rate but there are so many things that need improving, it's hard to know where to start:

  • You have more leads than your team can handle
  • Your CRM has no record for most of them
  • You have no idea which are low-funnel shoppers
  • You call back at inconvenient times

It's hard to sell to someone you know nothing about.

Full profile available instantly when visitor submits lead

You need a better understanding of your leads.

All you have to go on currently are the contact details and vehicle the shopper is interested in. The only preparation you can reasonably do is to check if this vehicle is still available before you call them back with a generic scripted response.

However, the shopper's activity on your website paints a significantly more detailed picture.

Imagine being able to:

  • Identify which shoppers are most ready to buy (since you know how many times they've visited your site)
  • Discuss other vehicles they have viewed, compared or favorited
  • Suggest tailored finance options (since you know their budget range from their search and that they showed an interest in finance)
  • Tactically time your follow-up call to exactly when they are back in "car shopping mode" (when they return to your website)
  • Motivate and empower your sales reps to follow up more frequently and effectively!

This is what you get when you plug Autochart Lead Tracking into your website. Timely, well-informed and personalised follow-ups.

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