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Autochart tracks every significant action that vehicle shoppers take on a website, building up individual profiles on each one. We use these shopper profiles to empower dealers and their solution providers to increase the relevance of their sales & marketing messages to individual shoppers and in turn increase both their number and conversion rate of leads.

  • Our Leads Portal gives your client's sales & marketing teams access to full profiles on their website leads, allowing them to see what the visitor looked at, how 'hot' they are, what marketing campaigns they've touched and also enabling them to be notified when the lead returns to the site.
  • Our Visitors API allows dealer website providers to tap into this huge customer information set to push visitor data into other systems and also to customise the content of their websites based on what is most relevant to the visitor.

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... for your clients

  • Provide sales reps with full history profiles on their website leads
  • Monitor website visitor activities automatically in real-time
  • Receive alerts when past leads are active on the website
  • Tailor your website content based on individual profiles using our Visitors API
  • Push lead profile data to other marketing/CRM systems with custom integrations
  • Increase lead conversion rates through a more personalised end-to-end shopping experience

... for you

  • Reseller option to allow you to market Autochart Lead Profiling as one of your standard client offerings
  • Full integration support from our web developer experts
  • Cloud-hosted, easy-to-use APIs
  • Web portal to allow you to monitor and administer your clients' accounts
  • Platform independent - works on all modern browsers
  • No complex databases or mapping jobs to maintain
  • 20% partner discount on list prices
  • Differentiates your dealer solution from your competitors!

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